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Vanessa Bourne

Vanessa Bourne.jpg

Melbourne  VIC   Australia

“I could have fortune and fame, but care for neither. My true happiness is found in being helpful and giving freely”. Vanessa Bourne


Ever since I can remember; I always wanted to bring about happiness by way of sharing or giving. Giving is an action that proves you empathize with love rather than sympathize  with a public elevated conscience. As a child I had had the distinction of gifting away my toys or gifts to children who were more deprived than I;  and  sharing in their Joy is a priceless feeling of completeness more enjoyable than owning the gift in itself. 

I have been rendered pathological and stupid due to my reckless and sometimes overboard nature of  philanthropy  and at times when I too needed to question the affordability. Giving , sharing,  helping  are virtues that are close to Godliness and give essence to the meaning of being in “Human Being”


All through my life I have held altruism very close to my heart and a principle what defines “who I am?” and a code by which I determine inner goodness.  So when I received this great support and reception towards my singing ; made me think of how best I could use this opportunity to give back in the simplest and most endearing way to people who  may be in need and have nothing but the joy in gratitude, alone to offer.


I sincerely believe every individual can make a change no matter how small the deed, and this is my very small way of making a change or difference by touching  as many people as I could in my own affordable way,Just gives me sheer Joy!!!  


Love you all... Vanessa Bourne

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