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Vanessa & Highway 65

Vanessa and Highway 65.jpg

Deception Bay  QLD  Australia

Vanessa & Highway 65 have landed on the music scene with an air of excitement and enjoyment. They will lift your spirits, keep your audiences in an awesome mood all night long performing music everyone loves to dance, sing and tap along to.

Their impressive repertoire covers Country Rock, Rock n Roll, Classic Country and other styles of popular music tried and proven, to make every performance an individual experience for your venue whether a private party, a public turn-out, event or company conference.

Over the last couple of years Vanessa & Highway 65 have been entertaining a wide variety of audiences with music tailored to fit any place and situation like a glove they deliver what is required with attention to those details overlooked by other musicians, they draw upon years of performance experience. It is important that they get it right for each venue, and that they reach the expectations of those who hire them. Each member of the band is dedicated to their own craft and talent.

Vanessa & Highway 65 perform as Solo, Duo and Band in many venues from Pubs, Clubs, Private Functions, Corporate Events and Open-air Festivals which and each venue is extremely fun to do.

Vanessa is a very versatile vocalist, she can cover many genres of songs from Miranda Lambert to Patsy Cline and everything in between. She has backed other artists, performed at hundreds of wedding ceremonies, been involved in Rock n Roll & Pop Bands, Country Bands, Duo’s and is a competent Solo Artist. Vanessa is a vibrant, upbeat fun entertainer who loves to get down and mix with the audience, have a dance and create memorable experiences through her singing.

Vanessa is also the Managing Director of Highway 65 and puts together a professional group of people with hard work and dedication to creating not just a band but an entertaining experience.
All members of Vanessa & Highway 65 are professional and have been selected on their ability to perform as part of a team Vanessa & Highway 65 pride themselves on being honest and true to the Music Industry showing respect to fellow entertainers they come with no ego’s which keeps them on the straight and narrow path to providing quality entertainment and fun. If it isn’t fun for us it isn’t fun for you and your venue and they show in their success, commitment and recall to venues time after time.

Vanessa & Highway 65 are dedicated to providing you an amazing experience through their music, fun and style, are definitely worth a look into. You will not be disappointed when you include then on your entertainment social calendar.

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