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Chantell Alexi

Chantell Alexi

Sydney  NSW  Australia

My name is Chantell Alexi and I have been singing since 2002. I started off training with various vocal coaches in the styles of Contemporary, Classical and Blues and singing with a few Rock bands on the side. Despite a fairly late start as a professional vocalist my real humble beginnings started at a much younger age as a Poet and Lyricist and my Songwriting still remains the most important component to me in my musical Career.

I have dabbled in many different styles of music over the years and all of those styles have contributed to my growth as a writer and performer. After Fronting the Rock band ‘Altered Perception’ in 2008-2009 and releasing an EP with the band, I moved on to front the Blues Duo ‘Chantra’ and Rock Band ‘Alexi’ 2010-2012.

In early 2012 with a new-found passion for Country music I started collaborating with different artists and working on my first solo album. The album ‘Road To Redemption’ was released in May of 2013 on CD and iTunes. This debut album has had a lot of air play on community radio Stations and is still being streamed and sold online. CD’s are available from this website.

Upon the album’s release I created 3 music videos to promote songs off the album. The first Official Music video for Road To Redemption was for the track ‘The Darkest Road’, which I wrote with Singer/Songwriter Linda Mizzi, the second video/single released was ‘Grandfather’s Hat’, which was beautifully pieced together and filmed by Ben Kalgovas for a very Special song I wrote for my Grandparents along with co-writer Eliot Reynolds. And last but not least is the 2016 release ‘The Garden’, a dark song and an exciting video featuring my Live band members, a few friends of mine and impressive Special effects. ‘The Garden’ (written by Chantell Alexi and Jason Aquilina) was also filmed by Ben Kalgovas.

In 2016 I released my second solo Album ‘Leather Holster’, which I wrote and recorded with guitarist David J Bull and recorded with Engineer Geoff Zenner. That same year I signed with the management group CS Management run by Cameron Syrett.

In 2018 I had my first single make it into the Australian Country Radio Charts, ranking at number 4, and experienced my first Award Nomination with the song 'Lucky Girl', which I co-wrote with Influential Songwriter Allan Caswell. After releasing that single and performing 'Lucky Girl' at the Southern Stars Country Music Awards night in Mildura, I released a second and very emotional single off the same Album, which I wrote with Linda Mizzi entitled 'She Lives Through Me'. Both of these singles are off my third Solo Album 'Forever Changed', which I will be releasing in early 2019.

In addition to my Music Career I am also an Artist. My passion for Art and drawing began as a child, however I did not start a career in Art until late 2013 when I started working for a Tattoo studio to learn about Tattoo art and expand my Portfolio. After a year and a half of working on the Counter I began my Tattoo Apprenticeship and started selling my drawings and drawing Custom Portraits for Clients on the side. Currently I have quite a versatile Portfolio and my own home business with my Partner Brush Taylor under the name 'VersatilARTy Graphics' and we offer many Artistic Services from Drawings to Graphic Designs. Please feel free to check out my Art Portfolio on the ‘Art Gallery’ page of this website.

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